Metropia is a privately owned and highly respected real estate developer creating authentic Communities in both the Greater Toronto Area and Calgary. Metropia focuses on community building, urban renewal and design innovation. Our communities offer a wide range of housing options with an emphasis on affordability and an abiding responsibility to the environment.

Metropia is a product of Howard Sokolowski’s vision to create one of Canada’s leading real estate development companies. Howard has a proven ability to see beyond current trends to plan and build successful and award winning communities. Joining the executive team is David Speigel, the industry’s foremost authority on low rise and high rise project execution. Over the past 30 years Howard and David have led the development of over 25,000 homes and set a new standard for customer satisfaction in the industry.

Diamond Corp is a Toronto real estate development company with a strong commitment to developing high-quality, innovative and award-winning residential and mixed use projects, has established itself as a leader in the development industry in the Greater Toronto Area. Diamond Corp. is a part of the Whitecastle group of companies and acts as the manager of the Whitecastle New Urban Fund 1, 2 and 3. Diamond Corp. is committed to progressive city building rooted in a legacy and tradition of quality and innovation.


For over 3 decades, Patton and Associates has created engaging interior spaces for both residential and condominium projects. The company has completed some of the finest residences in the GTA as well as homes in Florida, Provence and Turkey in addition to prestigious condominium buildings such as The Prince Arthur, The Chedington and recently Gibson Square. They have also completed diverse interior projects such as a Menswear Shop in Yorkville, several Golf Clubs, a Yacht moored in Key Biscayne as well as furniture, product and set design. Well known for their thoughtful, unique and beautiful designs that are functional, up to date and exciting, Patton has designed The Stanley interiors to be welcoming, comfortable, up to date and very cool – offering a dynamic colour palette with wonderful textures and brilliant furnishings.

The success of TACT Architecture inherently lies in our ability to work with our Clients to achieve noteworthy architecture while meeting tight financial constraints and achieving optimal density. We do not treat cost efficiency as a separate issue; instead, it is integrated into our criteria from the beginning of the design process. This approach, and the efficiency and creativity with which we apply it, helps to distinguish us from other firms and turns our first time clients into repeat clients. TACT Architecture is headed by Principal Prishram Jain, whose distinctive sense of design and extensive working knowledge of the development industry, inform all of the firm’s work.


Enhancing The Landscape of The Annex & Yorkville

Janet Rosenberg & Studio Inc. is one of Canada's most distinguished landscape architecture and urban design studios.

The Studio is recognized for its extensive and award-winning portfolio of work that includes public, commercial, and institutional spaces as well as private residential gardens, green roofs, and condominium towers. They are creative thinkers who develop out-of-the-box solutions as a collaborative team. Drawing from individual strengths, they create treasured, ecologically-responsible landscapes that respond to the demands of the urban environment, and engage, excite and enhance the quality of life for those who inhabit them.